when it comes down to picking a baby name for your baby you want to make sure you are picking a name that fits them, a name that you haven’t had bad dealings with, and one that fits both baby and adulthood. A lot may be riding on this since this name is going to with your child forever!

Finding a name that you and your husband or significant other like can take the whole pregnancy or you might decide on a name once you see your little one. Let us help you find the perfect name for your baby girl!

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1. Aalia



2. Bernice



3. Abida



4. Betty



5. Camas



6. Aamira



7. Eglantine



8. Daphne



9. Calla



10. Delilah



11. Dawn



12. Erma



13. Fayola



14. Gail



15. Harika



16. Genevive



17. Kalina



18. Kyrie



19. Ade



20. Lainey



21. Maeve



22. Latoya



23. Omyra



24. Odyssey



25. Magnolia



26. Parker



27. Philippa



28. Quintessa



29. Alexis



30. Rani



31. Remi



32. Saoirse



33. Talisea



34. Tao



35. Sheridan



36. Waverly



37. Zina



38. Ashby



39. Hunter



40. Bobbie



41. Zamia



42. Ronnie



43. Zetta



44. Crescent



45. Brit



46. Tilly



47. Branwen



48. Nemi



49. Ajay



50. Nell 



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