how to organise a walk in pantry

Does your unorganized pantry make it hard to find specific food you are looking for?

The pantry was our most unorganized and most overwhelming place in our kitchen. Whenever I opened our pantry I would stare and stare but never grab anything because it was so unorganized that I was overwhelmed!

That is when I decided I could not handle an unorganized pantry and that I needed to do something about it. Plus since my daughter has food allergies we have to be very careful about what food was going into our pantry.

Do you ever procrastinate cleaning something because it just seems so much? I was having a very hard time finding the motivation to organize our pantry until I watched Jenna Fischer Instagram story and she was having the same dilemma. She needed to buy a new hairbrush because the one she had was broken but every time she was at the store she never bought one!

She set a goal to “fix small problems”. And it inspired me and got me thinking. Like how many small things/problems do I need to fix and I know they need to be fixed but I just don’t do it?

And our pantry was one of the “small problems” I needed to do. My next small problem to do is to clean out our fridge. Yay! Since Jenna Fischer inspired me, I stop procrastinating and organized my pantry!

And I really need to organize our pantry so that there was a safe place to put our daughter’s food. I set a time on my calendar to clean our pantry and I’ll tell you what. Having an organized pantry makes such a big difference!

It is so much easier to find food, I love seeing how neat it looks and it helps our kitchen to feel clean even if there is a pill of never-ending dishes in the sink.

Here is how to organize your pantry in 7 minutes or less! 

1. Get Storage Containers 

These storage containers changed my life! They totally limited the number of plastic packages I had and made it much easier to deal with than messing around with plastic packages. Plus they also made my pantry look neat and very well organized and they made it so much easier to find food since you can label each storage container to what food goes in it.

And when the container was empty I knew that I needed to get more! Which helped save money since I wasn’t buying something we already had.

2. Wire Storage Bins

These are really nice to use to organize snacks, meal ingredients and much more. I use the wire storage bins to put snacks and our daughter’s allergy free food so that we don’t have to worry about her food coming into contact with other foods that may contain her allergy.

They are great to use to organize your packaged food or cans to help keep things clean and not in random places in the pantry. They are great to store chips, boxed food (rice, Macaroni and Cheese) or any non-fridge foods like potatoes or onions!

3. Categorize Each Shelf

This is one way that helped save a lot of time. I took out all our food in the pantry and categorized. So chips were together, rice and noodles were placed to gether etc. Then I have a specific spot in the pantry were each category goes. That way I always know where to look when making meals instead of climbing up on a chair or the counter to big around to find what I need.

Plus this also helps after grocery shopping trips. Because instead of placing the food on top of each other in the pantry the food gets put in its specific place!

4. Keep It Organized

Now that you have organized your pantry that tick is to keep it organized. I am not perfect at this but I sure try! You can make sure you keep your pantry organized by putting things where they belong, show your children and partner where things go so that they put things away in the right spot. That way you are not having to organize your pantry every week!

If you have the time you could even wipe down the shelves and deep clean your pantry. But if you don’t have the time to do that at least you will have an organized pantry!

The fridge and the pantry are the two biggest things that when they are clean and organized makes such a big difference to the feeling of your kitchen!

So thanks to Jenna Fischer for inspiring me to “fix the small problems” and clean my pantry! Now on to the fridge!

What is your “fix small problems” that you are going to do today? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear them!

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