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My Natural Birth Story

If you follow me on social media or are apart of my mama tribe you may have seen that our second baby has arrived! I've...

Best Pieces Of Advice For Beginner Bloggers

I have been so excited to share this interview with you! Anastasia is one of my blogging and Pinterest mentors. She helped me to sky rocket my blogging and...

How to Make Time for Yourself as a New Mom

After having a baby, it can easily feel like you haven’t had time for yourself in weeks, or has it been months? But, it’s all worth it though, isn’t...


4th of july crafts for kids

25 Fun Fourth Of July Crafts For Kids

want some super cute fourth of July crafts for your kids? Doing fun crafts with my child is probably one of my favorite things to do. It is a great bonding moment for...

The Ultimate Guild To Getting Better Sleep

getting a good night sleep is important for your body and mind to function. Sometimes getting to sleep is a challenging especially as moms. Being sleep deprived as a mom is apart of...
stay at home mom tips, stay at home mom survival guide, stay at home mom survival guide tips, stay at home mom motivation truths

Lessons As A First Time Stay At Home Mom

being a stay at home mom sucks...you are constantly cleaning the house, picking up after your kids, you get emotionally and physically drained every day and you never get alone time. Now...


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Hello! I'm Kara, and the picture above is my beautiful family. I blog, create and am a mom all day long! Follow me while I help moms like you enjoy the motherhood journey!

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10 Ways to Make Chores More Enjoyable

10 Ways to Make Chores More Enjoyable

With a busy schedule and tons of events that need to be accomplished, the last thing anyone wants to worry about is completing the long list of chores that...
Must Have Potty Training Items For Successful Potty Training

Must Have Potty Training Items For Successful Potty Training (Part 2)

Any mom who is thinking about potty training and preparing to start. Wants to make sure they have the most success. Trust me I was the same way. I...
What Our Potty Training Schedule Looked Like

What Our Potty Training Schedule Looked Like (Part 3)

If you have checked out my other posts. I mentioned before that potty training is a full time job at least for the first three days. Potty training takes...

Tips For Successful Potty Training (Part 4)

After the first month of potty training we have learned at lot! If you have gone through my other posts (which I suggest you do) then you know that...

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