2nd Trimester

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congratulations! You’ve made it through labor and delivery--the seemingly most difficult chapter--and now you are adjusting to life with a newborn! Whether it be your first child, or you are experiencing the baby stage again, you may find yourself over-tired, overworked, and in need of a few miracles to help you survive life with a new baby. I’ve been there,...
back pain during pregnancy | how to relieve back pain
There it is again, the annoying back pain. From getting the baby nursery ready, the hospital bags packed and getting everything prepared for your baby the lower back pain can become even more painful. As your tummy and little one continues to grow, your body is dealing with the stress and demands of the excess weight. Back pain is often what kept...
second trimester checklist | 2nd trimester | pregnancy checklist
Guess what?! Your belly is growing, and your life is about to change in just a few months and it’s time to get prepared. Right about now maternity clothing is entering the picture, as well as getting some shopping done for your baby before you’re too tired and don’t want to spend much time in the stores shopping. I have put together some second-trimester...
This post contains affiliate links. Click here to see affiliate disclaimer. The beginning of the second-trimester beings nervousness and excitement. Hopefully, the morning sickness has gone and now you can enjoy this wonderful new stage of pregnancy. During your second trimester is the time to start preparing the baby room and yourself as your belly grows and you start getting uncomfortable....

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