1st Trimester

Pregnancy | how to save for a baby
welcoming a new addition to the family requires a lot of preparation. One of the most important ways to prepare is to set money aside for all of the inevitable purchases. There are many ways to set money aside and ensure that you are prepared financially for the new arrival! I have put together 6 ways you can start saving...
morning sickness | morning sickness remedies | Dealing with morning sickness
morning sickness is very tough to have. Count yourself lucky if you only have morning sickness during the first trimester. Any women who have dealt with it knows it is rough. Morning sickness does not necessarily happen in the mornings which can through you out of your normal routine. Some women have morning sickness through the entire pregnancy, which is really...
0kay, how excited are you that you're pregnant? Since it took me almost a year to get pregnant (because I have endometriosis) when I saw a positive pregnancy test I was jumping for joy!! I never thought that day would come. It was that hardest thing to see all my friends and family getting pregnant within the first month. I didn't...

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