congratulations! You’ve made it through labor and delivery–the seemingly most difficult chapter–and now you are adjusting to life with a newborn! Whether it be your first child, or you are experiencing the baby stage again, you may find yourself over-tired, overworked, and in need of a few miracles to help you survive life with a new baby.

I’ve been there, and I know the newborn stage can be so rewarding, yet so exhausting at times, and that is why I have come up with five budget-friendly baby items to make your life a little easier. Believe me, I will take anything I can get if it means happy kids and more sleep for mom!

Rocking Bassinet

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–Speaking of sleep, the little you may have at this point, nothing is more important than being well-rested. On nights when you have trouble getting up to soothe baby, a bedside rocker becomes your saving grace!

Allowing you to rock baby while still lying in bed, this must have is sure to make your life easier, and for around $100, it’s a win-win! These baskets are truly amazing! has put together a list of 4 amazing Moses Baskets by Angela. She gives a great review of different baskets as well as what else you would need for these affordable and amazing baskets!

They are defiantly worth checking out!

Knit Swaddles

–Swaddling is one of the best things for soothing baby, as it resembles the snugness of how life was in the womb. Although there are many different brands and types of swaddles on the market, knit swaddles have become my absolute favorite! Because of their stretchy fabric

baby must haves | the ultimate list of baby must haves | baby registry must haves | gifts for new moms, wrapping your newborn in a knit swaddle allows you to swaddle extra snug. Something I always had trouble with when using traditional muslin swaddles.

Don’t get me wrong, I love using the soft muslin, but when it comes to getting baby to stay asleep in a traditional swaddle, the knit fabric is the way to go! And even better, brands like Copper Pearl, Mebie Baby and Solly Baby have knit swaddles ranging from $18-$25!


–Ok, this is probably one of my favorite items that I have come to love! Knit wraps like the ones from Solly Baby have the cutest prints and patterns. I would say these long pieces of fabric are magic for the way that they have helped me with my newborn! It enables me to get housework done even when baby is awake, and because 

baby must haves | the ultimate list of baby must haves | baby registry must haves | gifts for new moms

you can control the tightness of the wrap, you can make it snug so baby again feels like he is secure in your womb (after all, he did just spend the last nine months in a tight little cocoon). I tell you, everytime my newborn is fussy and I put him in one of these, he instantly falls asleep! Now that is one thing to smile about!

And better yet, wraps like these only range from $50-$80 depending on certain styles, so for under a Benjamin, knit carrier wraps are definitely a must have!

Silicone Breast Pump

–This next one is for all of you breastfeeding mamas. If any of you have trouble with leaking (let’s be honest, it’s bound to happen at some point), then this one is for you! I have found that while nursing my son on one side, I tend to leak from the other. My milk will even drop at times my baby isn’t eating! I guess I can say that I have a good supply, 

baby must haves | the ultimate list of baby must haves | baby registry must haves | gifts for new moms

but little did I know just how much milk I was wasting every time I would leak! Although there are many different types of breast milk-savers on the market, I found this silicone pump by Naturebond definitely worth a try! After using it just once, I was able to collect more than 2 oz of breast milk from its simple suction while my son nursed during one feeding.

And if any of you are protectors of your “liquid gold”, this is a must that if used all day, may even help and decrease the need to use an electric pump to collect and store breast milk. And better yet, you can buy this on Amazon for only $12!

Windibaby must haves | the ultimate list of baby must haves | baby registry must haves | gifts for new moms

–This last must-have baby item is my all time favorite! It may sound strange and even be a little intimidating at first, but it is definitely a life-saver when you have a baby with colic! So what is it exactly?

The best device created to help relieve gas that is even safe for the smallest of babies! Whenever my son has trouble passing gas or seems constipated, I use a Windi and it relieves all of his discomfort. And knowing you can get a pack of 10 for only $15, it is a definite must that won’t break the bank either.

So there you have it! Five budget-friendly must-haves that will help you easily adjust to life with a new baby!

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