I have been so excited to share this interview with you! Anastasia is one of my blogging and Pinterest mentors. She helped me to sky rocket my blogging and Pinterest success! I am excited to share these best pieces of advice for beginner bloggers with you.

When I first started my blog. I was so lost on how to get started, how to get traffic, whether I should niche or not and so many more questions. If you have had these thoughts cross your mind before. Don’t worry! You are not the only one who has had these thoughts.

I hope you enjoy this interview of these best pieces of advice for beginner bloggers! Also, if you would like to watch the interview. You can watch it at the end of this post!

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Best Pieces Of Advice For Beginner Bloggers


Hey there guys. It’s Kara from dollar Mommy club and I’m so excited to bring this interview to you today. I’m with Anastasia. She is one of my mentors for blogging and Pinterest. She has amazing stuff going for her and I really want to share her story with you.

And to kind learn more about what she does, cause she definitely helped my traffic. And helped my blogging success and take off. Um, and I want her to be able to help you as well. So with that, Anastasia, why don’t you go ahead and just introduce yourself a little bit.


Hi Kara. Thank you for this introduction. Now I’m going to get shy cause you already told me there’s a lot of amazing stuff going on. Well, I’ve been blogging since uh, 2017. I started it, just to try out because I saw some other bloggers, income reports. It was very inspiring.

So I was hoping to get there, but I had no idea whatsoever what I was going to do. And how I was going to make money with a blog. I just wanted to try it, but since I’m usually trying to achieve something. When I do something, if I spend my time, I started thinking about the ways that this could become my main income and replace my day job. So there you go!

Best Pieces Of Advice For Beginner Bloggers


Okay, cool. And what were you doing before you started your whole blogging journey. What was your day job?


I was working for about 10 years for digital agencies. It all started with actually with SEO, it’s what I was working as an editor and translator. Since It was an SEO company and we had a, department where we were working on a magazine, online magazine. It was all about SEO stuff.

So Google SEO. Is something that I knew very well, because I knew so many details about how it works and how people work for clients. I wasn’t envisioning myself as a blogger to rely heavily on Google, especially when I started in 2017. I knew there was a lot of competition, and it would be harder for new sites to compete. Um, in Goggle so I started looking for alternatives and then I went to Pinterest and discovered Pinterest.


Okay, cool. Yeah, that’s kind of how mine was when I started my blog. I was like, oh, I want to start a blog. But I don’t know Google on how do I get traffic? So Pinterest was my first go to for traffic.

Okay. So when you were, starting your blogging journey. I know for a lot of, you know, beginner bloggers they’re wanting to start their blogging journey. But they, have no idea what niche to pick. So how did you come to pick the niche that you are in?


Well, first of all, I have to make a disclaimer that I cannot tell what is my niche. Because I have a blog about everything. But when I just started out, I was just looking at the blogger income reports. And noticed that bloggers who make more money, those were the people who sell products usually. Or they talk about blogging, how to start a blog or how to make money with a blog.

So that’s what I started writing about initially. And when I picked my domain name, I was so lost! and to just illustration how lost I was. I just fixed my name and put Anastasia and blogger together. Because I was so lost in this, I couldn’t pick any niche!

About six months, I started blogging about blogging and about making money online. And was writing this long post and was trying to get them ranked in Google.

I realize that it’s so hard to compete, in Google. So I started looking at Pinterest. And I saw that on Pinterest cannot bring me as much traffic as I want from in this niche blogging niche.

So then I started experimenting around some holiday topics and um, and that was my first viral pins. And so I just started chasing this topics. That’s where, well, it’s a possibility for me to get a lot of traffic from Pinterest.

And this way somehow my blog is now separated between blogging stuff, Pinterest stuff. And a lot of, my content is about some recipes, holidays and a home DIY, um, decor.


So what do you, um, I guess focus on the most? Do you do more of the how to blogging stuff or do you do more holiday? or does it just kind of depend on the time of year, I guess?


Um, well in terms of time I spent. I think that I spend more time actually, uh, writing for for bloggers, working on my course, and supporting students. But then, um, the funny thing is that until now I have most of the income coming from the ads.

I work with MediaVine and most of this income comes to the posts that are not blogging related. Because I get more traffic from these topics that, are trending unpopular on Pinterest. So in terms of time, I really invest more time in this blogging stuff.

But on the other hand I get more in control from other topics. But it’s just, the way maybe I’m investing this time. I hope that in the future maybe it will become more passive.


yeah. No, for sure. I know. Cause I know a lot of people in in groups like blogging groups. I’ve talked with a lot of people just struggle on, you know, what niche should I pick ? And for me it was something I was passionate about.

Cause obviously mine’s a mom blog. I write about, you know, parenting and pregnancy and things like that. Cause that’s something I love and I’m passionate about. So, I mean, I would say if anyone’s struggling to pick a niche, pick something that you’re passionate about.

Because then you’re going to be more, I guess, driven to create content on it and focus on it. Being encouraged to do better than if you don’t. If you’re just writing about a topic if you don’t really care about.

That’s awesome that you’re able to find that you’re really passionate about and have had great success! So the next one here,

how do you balance your blogging and lifestyle?

That’s the other one that I know a lot of people, especially moms, struggle with it a little bit. I’m like, holy crap. Some days I don’t do anything on my blog, and I’m so wrapped up with my kids. And on another day I might be able to crush out a whole blog post and pins. Um, so how do you do it as well?


I’m in a way in a still in this position, like, uh, someone who just graduated from, from college because I don’t have kids yet. I’m married, but we don’t have kids yet. So I work now full time on the blog.

I think i’m really bad at the way I managing my time. Because I work more than 12 hours per day. I mean, I have breaks of course, because I, I make lunches and dinners. It’s, but, uh the rest of the time, if I find myself, most of the time I’m working.

Sometimes I meet friends, but, I would say that I have like five days fully works. Working Week. And then on the weekend I’m, working a little bit less. Less hours because we go to the beach, since we live in Portugal.

So we have beaches here. I think that’s, it’s still, even though I just like my choice. I could, I could do less hours. Maybe I would do a little bit, maybe my income wouldn’t drive that fast as I wanted if I worked less hours. But I liked the freedom that I can go whenever I need.

I can make a doctor’s appointment and I don’t need to ask anyone to give me the permission. If I need to meet my friends in the middle of the working week, I can do it as well.

So it’s just like, it’s another of choice, um, for me now. But I think that this, the blogging will help me a lot if I, if we had a bigger family, it will help me a lot. Yeah. Managing my time. It would be much easier when you have kids that compare to an I nine to five job.


Were you working when you started your blog? were you still working your other nine to five job?


Yeah, it was really hard. That first year was really hard because I was working a nine to five. And then in the evenings and almost all the weekends I was working on the blog. And so I was just dreaming about this first MediaVine income that was, it was that big.

Like I hit the first month it was $1,500 and here in Portugal salaries are not high maybe, you know.

And so for the, for the US I probably wouldn’t quit my job. When I got the first $1,500 from the blog. But since here my salary wasn’t that much higher. It was for me already from the first month.


I like this is working, I’m going to go. Okay, cool. So how long after you started your blog were you able to quit your nine to five?


It was at the end of the first year, I think 11 to 12 months. I already had to inform my company that I’m going to leave.


Okay, cool. That’s awesome. Yeah, I know. Um, MediaVine cause I’m on MediaVine as well and that is a big income driver for me. And anyone starting on a blog set that really as a goal because it is like Anastasia said that it is more sustainable.

Best Pieces Of Advice For Beginner Bloggers

It’s something you can rely on because it’s monthly. It’s not like affiliate sells where you don’t know if you’re gonna have someone’s going to click your link and buy something. MediaVine is definitely more, I would say consistent as well. We definitely rely on it.

Yeah, it does take about a year. I mean for you to took about a year, even still working a nine to five. When I decided to stay home after we had our first baby. And I was not wanting to go back to a job after having her.

And so that was my motivator and kind of drive. But I didn’t make my first full time income tell a year after starting my blog. So, I mean for anyone starting that’s kind of like a timeframe you might be looking for. Because I know a lot of people were like, man, I want to start a blog.

Can I quit my job in three months, six months well if you really want it, maybe you could. But balancing life out, like realistically, I would say give yourself a year to really start seeing a good amount of income starting to generate and coming in towards you.

So that’s awesome. Um, the next one here is what? Well, we kind of already covered it. You are doing your nine five before, you were blogging. And then you went into your blogging. So if you were to start things all over again and with the knowledge you have now, what would you do different?


Yeah, yeah. I touched on it a little bit, but I wouldn’t write that much about blogging as a beginner. Because I was trying immediately to get into the league of these big bloggers that are teaching others and I didn’t have experience myself yet.

I didn’t have any achievements and results to show people. So if anyone even landed on one of my posts, they would just read through it and they wouldn’t be inspired. Because there’s nothing for me to show and they wouldn’t trust me as an authority.

So I was just writing this for no one and only after I started getting consistent traffic and income from based on Pinterest traffic. I could finally write something that people would believe in. I could make screenshots and make my MediaVine income report.

And so from that point it was worth a try, take this content. So if I went back, I wouldn’t just waste the first six months writing about how I am an expert blogger when I wasn’t.


That’s, really good. I wanted to start a blog even before I had kids. And I wanted to do it on parenting, but I was like, I’m not a parent myself at that time. So I can’t write a blog that talks about how to cope with morning sickness during pregnancy if I haven’t been through it as myself.

So that was one thing that held me back a little bit. That I just didn’t have the experience yet until I actually became a mom and then went through it all.

But, um, cool. Yeah. I didn’t even start teaching how to start a blog until I had results for my own self on my own things that I did.

And I think that’s one of the biggest things um, that you could do is start. Start somewhere where you’ve already had experience.

If you are a master crochet whip out a blog about how to become a master crochet. Cause you obviously have that experience. And I think then again that’s going to be something more motivating for you to write about. Because it’s a topic and something that you love to do. Um, well cool.

Let’s go to the next one here. Um, now, um, do you have a course? I know you have a course cause I’ve been there. So why don’t you go ahead and tell everyone a little bit about this amazing course that you have.


Yeah. So, um, I have really wanted to help people with Pinterest because I saw that there were some even established bloggers who relied heavily on Google. And some were very big on Instagram.

But I saw that they have almost nonexistent Pinterest profiles. So I saw that there was a niche and there are people who need help with Pinterest. And since I started, I mastered these viral pins for myself.

I felt that the way to go to, to share this with people. And I made the course! it’s more focused on Pinterest SEO that rather than Pinterest in marketing in general. I would say that it’s really focused on the SEO side.

Maybe because it’s because I have this Google SEO background for 10 years. So I was focused more on SEO. I think it helps with virality of pins as well when your pins are really targeting a keyword, that Pinterest start showing it to the right people. So this right people are going to save them much. It’s just going to scroll through your pins.


Okay, cool. Yeah, and guys really this course is fantastic. I took it when I set up my second Pinterest account and then Pinterest accidentally shut it down. So I was like, great. I just, now I’ve got to start all over again. And at that time when my Pinterest account got shut down. I had taken Anastasia’s course and it really did help just launch it back up again.

Um, now I was still getting some traffic from even when my account was shut down just because I already had a lot of pins on Pinterest. That did help a little bit jumpstart that second account. But even as a fresh person on Pinterest. You’re not getting a lot of traffic from it or you want to learn how to get more. I definitely recommend taking her course because it really did help jumpstart that.

You can check out Anastasia’s Pinterest SEO course here!

Anastasia does talk a lot about just helping your pins go viral, which was one thing I was really wanting to focus on. I was like, okay, how can I get my pins to go viral, and stay viral a little bit longer? But not only that, but to get clicks? cause my old account, I was getting a lot of saves but not a lot of clicks.

And so now with my new account, I might not be getting as many saves. But I’m getting a lot more clicks. Which is more important for me because of that traffic going to my site instead of people just saving my pins.

I know it’s kind of just short interview here, but for any new bloggers or anyone out there, what are three pieces of advice that you can give to beginner bloggers?


Okay, so I think that the first advice it would be to have the right expectations for the first period. Short term expectations. We already touched on it, a lot of people are expecting to quit their job and two or three months or make like six a fix figure income.

Unfortunately it doesn’t happen. So the short term expectations, they shouldn’t be like, you have this number in your head, but just be prepared to work for it for at least maybe here and then.

Um, and then another piece of advice. It would be never give up because I see a lot of people start a blog and by the end of the first year they’re almost there because all the blogs, they need time in any platform. Even though we, I claim it with authority that Pinterest takes not as much time as Google.

To understand your site and just start bringing you traffic but still even Pinterest needs time. So you need it shouldn’t expect in the first month or two months that you will start, get it, get start getting a ton of traffic. Yeah. But don’t give up at the end of the first year and don’t give up when you see that maybe there is some stagnation.

Um, it could be seasonal, maybe your niche is something happening with your niche. You need to also analyze because when I, just started trending on Pinterest, I’ve got this Keto topic and I’ve got a, I’ve got it at the, very beginning of this topic when, when everyone is just starting looking at it and I got a lot, a lot of traffic in the first maybe two or three months, as I started posting about Keto.

And then what’s happened is that everyone started having it and it became oversaturated. So I, in about one year I had to look at other topics and it was, it could be time for me to be back, but it’s not my stories. Then I just started looking at other topics too. Do a substitute that, um, do we replace that traffic?

And the last piece of advice would be probably just don’t expect too little. Don’t, expect a little in the long, in the long run from blogging because you never know what, where your blog can kind of go.

It can become your, uh, dream career. Maybe you couldn’t even think about such, such an income at your day job, at least for me here in Portugal, I will never make as much money as I’m making and now with a blog. And I’ve been just doing it for two years. So, um, in the future I hope to make more, Eh, grow it even bigger.

And uh, so when I noticed that a lot of bloggers when they reached this, this first, uh, income that the were dreaming about, they kind of give up. They stopped looking for new ideas. They don’t think about other ways of making money because they kind of get this traffic and they monetize it with ads and they just stay at the same level.

And this can be, this can be actually dangerous because people, um, like I said, that can be seasonal. That’s can be, the topic can become so saturated. Something can happen with your traffic, but when you have this traffic, you need to start leveraging it with products and need to start learning others new stuff that you as a beginner blogger.

You just learned about SEO. And how to write the text, but then you need to start learning other stuff like how to create products, how to sell them, how to email your people, how to make it tribe of this people.


Yeah, that’s great advice right there guys. She just gave you three amazing golden nuggets and it’s totally true. As a beginning blogger I mean I would say even start simple, start focusing, you know like Anastasia said on the SEO how to get traffic and then as you continue to grow, continue to progress.

My first goal when I was first starting blogging, I want to make $10 every single day. That was my goal at the beginning of blogging and then I went to $50 and now it’s up to a hundred dollars and then it just continues to go.

But even though from one source I’m able to make a full time income, I’m not going to stop there. I’m going to explore over other avenues because it’s really true. If you rely too much on one source and that source goes away, boom, your blog gone, your traffic has gone, your income’s gone.

And so you definitely want to explore other avenues of generating income to your blog so that if one of your sources of your income does happen, to slow down. You still have other ones to rely on.

So those are all great pieces of advice and I’m so happy again to do this interview and have you on here again guys, go check out our course, go check out her blog. It’s Anastasiablogger.com and um, just give a look at her stuff.

Cause it’s really great and it’s really helped me and I just wanted to help you guys as well. Um, so that being said, I hope you guys enjoy this video and we’ll catch you on the next one. Bye

You can check out Anastasia’s Pinterest SEO course here!

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Best Pieces Of Advice For Beginner Bloggers
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