mom’s to-do list is never-ending as moms you are busy running kids around to different activities, cleaning the house, making dinner and so on. Finding ways to make sure you are staying healthy and fit is challenging.

With such a packed schedule you might think there is no time to fit in a workout or have the time to make yourself a healthy mean because going to a drive-through is quicker and easier.

You don’t have to change everything at once. Just by making small adjustments in your everyday activities you will find time for you. Just because you are busy doesn’t mean you can’t be healthy and fit.

Below are 8 tips for staying healthy and fit when you have a busy schedule.

Put Working Out On Your Calendar 

This is a must if you are a busy mom and want to get your workout in. Scheduling your workout in your week will help you to make sure you get it done. You might have to adjust your schedule a bit to make time but you will feel better by getting a workout in.


Burst Training 

Burst training is a great workout for busy moms, you burn the most calories in the shortest amount of time. Hour-long workouts seem impossible when you are running around taking your kids to soccer or dance.

Check out Pinterest for great burst workout ideas.


By making sure that you are getting anywhere from 7 to 8 hours asleep at night is important. Often people spend time on social media right before going to bed and before they know it hours have passed.

When you get enough sleep you will notice a big tremendous difference in your energy which will allow you to have a more productive during the day.

Use A Workout App

Workout apps are great when you don’t have the time load all the kids in the car and drive to a gym. There are so many workout apps that are free and have a wide selection of different workouts.

Here are our top three favorite workout apps:

Accountability Partner 

Sometimes you just need someone there to remind you of your goals. Find a good positive accountability partner what will push you to reach your goals and will help pick you back up when times get tough.

Play With Your Kids

Find time in your day to run around with your kids. This will help you burn a few extra calories and will tire out your kids.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is important for your body to function properly. When you are dehydrated you are low and energy and may have a hard time focusing.

Check out 5 Signs That You’re Dehydrated post if you struggle to stay hydrated.

Set Goals

Setting goals is a great way to get motivated to change or achieve something. If you love shopping set a goal that once you lose 5 lbs you go buy your self a new outfit. Whatever the reward is, set goals that will make you work hard for your reward.

8 Health & Fitness Tips For Busy Moms
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Kara is the founder of the Dollar Mommy Club and a full-momma and who loves every minute of it. Ever since she was a little girl (around two years old actually) she has wanted a baby of her own. She even asked her mom for “a crying and pooping baby doll” for Christmas when she was just 6 years old. Certain events took place to where Kara was diagnosed with Endometriosis, and doctors told her that having her own children might be impossible. She spent years trying to figure out her health by trying everything under the sun that you can think of. It wasn’t until a few years after she was married that both she and her husband figured it out, and they were blessed with their first baby girl! When Kara isn’t managing the Dollar Mommy Club and it’s wonderful members and contributors, she enjoys spending time with family, binge-watching The Office on Netflix, and creating art.


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