Naming your baby is truly a fun and exciting experience. You make a list of names you and daddy to be both like as you narrow it down to one name. Ofter parents focus on the first name and don’t pay attention to the middle name. A middle name can make or break the entire name so there is a lot riding on the middle name!

Middle names help your baby’s entire middle name flow and not having the perfect middle name can disrupt that flow. I have put together a list of 167 handsome middle names for baby boys!

Make sure to read all the way to the end! You won’t want to miss any names!

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167 Handsome Middle Names For Baby Boys

1. Ace

Meaning: Unity

2. Beck

Meaning: Running Stream

3. Abe

Meaning: Father of a multitude

4. Hugh

Meaning: heart, mind, spirit

5. Blake

Meaning: the one who has black hair or a dark complexion

6. Dean

Meaning: valley

7. Grant

Meaning: tall or great

8. James

Meaning: “supplanter,” one who follows

9. Charles

Meaning: Man

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10. Allen 

Meaning: Harmony, stone, or noble. Also fair, handsome

11. Lee

Meaning: Dweller by the wood or clearing

12. Thomas

Meaning: Twin

13. George

Meaning: Farmer, earthworker

14. Jude

Meaning: The praised one

15. Rhett

Meaning: Form of Rhys: ardent; fiery

16. Kent

Meaning: White

17. Brett

Meaning: A Breton

18. Luke

Meaning: Light giving

19. Chase

Meaning: Dweller at the hunting ground

20. Ridge

Meaning: From the ridge

21. Claude

Meaning: The one who limps or stutters

22. Paul

Meaning: Small or humble

23. Andrew

Meaning: Manly

24. Reese

Meaning: Ardent; fiery.

25. Sean

Meaning: God is gracious; a gift from God

26. Trey

Meaning: Three

middle names for boys, unique middle names boy, one syllable boy middle names, two syllable boy middle names, uncommon 2 syllable boy names
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27. Seth

Meaning: Anointed; compensation

28. Bram

Meaning: Father of a multitude

29. Rider

Meaning: Knight

30. Brandt

Meaning: Sword

31. Cash

Meaning: Wealthy man

32. Grey

Meaning: Gray-haired

33. Dex

Meaning: Right-handed

34. Jacks

Meaning: God is gracious

35. Judd

Meaning: Praised

36. Jack

Meaning: God is gracious

37. Lane

Meaning: Path; roadway

38. Coy

Meaning: Forest

39. Brock

Meaning: A kind, caring, loyal, loving, gentle

40. Corey

Meaning: Dweller in or near a hollow

41. Dash

Meaning: From Chiel

42. Clark

Meaning: Scribe, secretary

43. Drew

Meaning: Wise

44. Ray

Meaning: Grace

45. Finn

Meaning: Fair

46. Heath

Meaning: Untended land where flowering shrubs grow

47. Garth

Meaning: Defender

48. Neil

Meaning: Cloud, passionate, or champion

49. Zane

Meaning: Gift from God

50. Will

Meaning: The one who is good and strong

51. Troy

Meaning: Curly haired.

middle names for boys, unique middle names boy, one syllable boy middle names, two syllable boy middle names, uncommon 2 syllable boy names
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52. Sam

Meaning: Sun child; bright sun

53. Shane

Meaning: Gift from God

54. Shawn

Meaning: God is gracious; gift from God

55. Gus

Meaning: Majestic

56. Jax 

Meaning: God has been gracious; has shown favor

57. Reeves 

Meaning: Dweller at the border

58. Dawn

Meaning: Awakening

59. Glen

Meaning: From the valley

60. Jace

Meaning: A healing

61. Drake

Meaning: Snake or Dragon

62. Wade

Meaning: Moving

63. David

Meaning: Beloved or uncle

64. Arthur

Meaning: Noble, courageous

65. Aden

Meaning: Attractive; handsome; pleasure given

67. Robert

Meaning: Bright; shining

68. Conrad

Meaning: Bold,  rad, counsel

69. Bailey

Meaning: Steward or public official; man in charge

70. John

Meaning: To be gracious

71. Michael 

Meaning: Who is like God

72. Damen

Meaning: Gentle; to tame

73. Justin

Meaning: Just; upright; righteous

74. Noel

Meaning: To be born

75. Dante

Meaning: Enduring

76. Colton

Meaning: From the dark town

77. Brock

Meaning: The one who lives near a brook

78. Mav

Meaning: Shiny, bright, brilliant

79. Brendon 

Meaning: Brave

80. Vincent

Meaning: Conquering

81. Randall

Meaning: Wolf shield

82. Edward

Meaning: Guardian

83. Louis

Meaning: Famous warrior

84. Byron

Meaning: From the cottage

85. Bryce

Meaning: Son of a nobleman

86. Dallan

Meaning: Blind

87. Henry

Meaning: Rules his household

88. Preston


89. Aaron

Meaning: Lofty; exalted; high mountain

90. Preston

Meaning: The priest’s village

91. Quinton

Meaning: Born fifth

92. Joseph

Meaning: May Jehovah add or give increase

93. Lawrence

Meaning: The place of laurel leaves

94. Noah

Meaning: Rest, repose

95. Riley

Meaning: Valiant

96. Steve

Meaning: Victorious

97. Carter

Meaning: Transporter of goods by cart

98. Tyce

Meaning: Fiery

99. Isaac

Meaning: He laughs. Laughter

100. Levi

Meaning: Attached or pledged

102. Felix

Meaning: Lucky, successful

103. Hunt

Meaning: Great hunter or the master huntsman

middle names for boys, unique middle names boy, one syllable boy middle names, two syllable boy middle names, uncommon 2 syllable boy names
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104. Hurst

Meaning: Who lived on a wooded hill

105. Adam

Meaning: To make

106. Alex

Meaning: Protector of mankind

107. Cody

Meaning: Helpful

108. Sutton

Meaning: From the south farm

109. Ryder

Meaning: Knight

110. Kai

Meaning: One who is strong and unbreakable

111. Oscar

Meaning: Divine spear

112. Nay

Meaning: Flute

113. Denver

Meaning: Green Valley

114. Jared

Meaning: A ruling, commanding, coming down

115. Daniel

Meaning: God is my strength

116. Ben

Meaning: Son of my right hand

117. Eli

Meaning: High, ascended, or ‘my God

118. Warren

Meaning: Dweller at or keeper of a game preserve

119. Tristan 

Meaning: Tumult; outcry

120. Brad

Meaning: Broad clearing in the wood

121. Brady

Meaning: Spirited

122. Doran

Meaning: Stranger

123. Craig

Meaning: Rock

124. Leo

Meaning: lion

125. Brandon

Meaning: Stinking hair

126. Juan

Meaning: God is gracious

127. Brett

Meaning: A Breton

128. Porter

Meaning: Gatekeeper

129. Calvin

Meaning: Bald

130. Oren

Meaning: Pine or Ash

131. Dezi

Meaning: Yearning; sorrow

132. Chance

Meaning: Good luck; good fortune; chancellor

133. Jackson

Meaning: God has been gracious; has shown favor

134. Kingston

Meaning: From the king’s village or estate

135. Trevor

Meaning: Homestead

136. Hyrum

Meaning: My brother is exalted

137. Tanner

Meaning: Worker in leather

138. Tyson

Meaning: Firebrand

139. Payne

Meaning: Rustic or countryman

140. Rory

Meaning: Red-haired king

141. Myron

Meaning: Fragrant, an aromatic shrub, myrrh

142. Pyne

Meaning: Pine

143. Garrison

Meaning: Spear-fortified town

144. Tobias

Meaning: The goodness of God

145. Xavier

Meaning: Bright; splendid; new house

146. Parker

Meaning: park keeper

147. Emerson

Meaning: Brave; powerful

148. Riddle

Meaning: Conundrum. a person or thing that puzzles, perplexes, or confuses; enigma

149. Cole

Meaning: People’s victory

150. Clayton

Meaning: Settlement

151. Harrison

Meaning: Son of Harry

152. Matteo

Meaning: Gift of go

153. Oliver

Meaning: The olive tree

154. Cory

Meaning: Heart

middle names for boys, unique middle names boy, one syllable boy middle names, two syllable boy middle names, uncommon 2 syllable boy names
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155. Jeremy

Meaning: May Jehovah exalt

156. Benjamin

Meaning: Son of the south

157. Timothy

Meaning: Honouring God

158. Jay

Meaning: Swift

159. Carl

Meaning: Strong-man

160. Nicolas

Meaning: People’s victory

161. Sullivan

Meaning: From the south meadow

162. Slade

Meaning: From the valley

163. Beck

Meaning: Baker

164. Josiah

Meaning: Jehovah has healed

165. Elijah

Meaning: Jehovah is God

166. Holland

Meaning: Ridgeland

167. Lewis 

Meaning: Famous warrior

These names make me very excited to hopefully have a little boy someday! A lot of these names have very strong and amazing meanings behind them which is sure to give your little man confidence!

Which of the names from this list do you like the most? Let me know in the comments below!

Please share!

middle names for boys, unique middle names boy, one syllable boy middle names, two syllable boy middle names, uncommon 2 syllable boy names

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