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morning sickness is very tough to have. Count yourself lucky if you only have morning sickness during the first trimester. Any women who have dealt with it knows it is rough. Morning sickness does not necessarily happen in the mornings which can through you out of your normal routine.

Some women have morning sickness through the entire pregnancy, which is really tough and tiring. Morning sickness is just apart of being pregnant and it is not much you can do to make it go away but, there are ways to help to deal with having morning sickness.

Dealing with morning sickness is tricky because find what works and what doesn’t work can take testing and time. Not all methods of dealing with morning sickness are the same for everyone.

What might have worked for a friend, family member or co-worker might not work for you. Trying different things to find what works is worth it even if it makes the feelings of nausea go away for a while. Here is a list of things that helped me out a ton during the morning sickness days.


This is one of the best ways to help with the feelings of nausea. Eating small light snacks throughout the day, before bed and in the mornings can help to deal with nausea. Keeping a snack by your bed at night for those just in case scenarios.


Fizzy Drinks 

Ginger ale or other fizzy drinks such as sprite or Izze’s can help settle that stomach. Water is hard on a nauseous stomach just sipping a fizzy drink throughout the day or just when a nauseous stomach arises might just be the thing to help get you through the day.


Mint is known to help with morning sickness. Finding mints that are not too strong to suck on is comforting to a nauseated stomach.


Crackers such as saltines crackers are light and easy on the stomach. Keeping those on hand are great when you are needing something quick.


Water is hard on a nauseated stomach. But it is very important to stay hydrated because becoming dehydrated makes things worse. Juices such as apple juice diluted with water are something easy and comforting.

Ice Cubes 

You wouldn’t think that sucking on ice cubs would help, however, sucking on ice cubs that are juice or Gatorade are another great way to help keep hydrated and is often found comforting.


Preggie Pops

Preggie pops ease a nauseated stomach. They contain essential oils and plant botanicals that have been proven to relieve nausea and queasy stomach due to pregnancy. They come in all different flavors and are something easy and gentle to suck on. Preggie pops helped a lot. I would take them to work and whenever I started feeling nauseated I would just pop one in my mouth!


Applesauce is easy, smooth, gentle and light on the stomach. If you are having a hard time keeping food down try eating applesauce. When I was 12 weeks pregnant I got the flu and had morning sickness and it was the absolute worse! I couldn’t keep anything down except applesauce. I suggest trying applesauce to help with nausea or if you can’t keep anything down.


Getting more than enough sleep during the first trimester and the whole pregnancy is huge. Pregnancy is tiring and your energy is going to create your little bundle of joy. Instead of watching Tv, being on Facebook, scrolling on Pinterest get some sleep. Sleep is what often helped me with my nausea. I would take a nap when I started feeling sick and most of the time I would wake up and not feel sick anymore.

Sea Bands 

Sea bands help to relieve nausea by applying a small amount of pressure on the insides of your wrists. They are easy to wear and defiantly benefit from soothing a nauseous stomach.

Now, these are just things that have worked for me. If you have any other tips or tricks that helped you with morning sickness let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear from you!

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