how to get traffic from pinterest, how to drive traffic to my blog by using pinterest, wordpress blogging for beginners

When I first started my blog I was trying to figure out the best way and the quickest way to get traffic to my blog and make money. I tried Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. I am not a big fan of Twitter so I didn’t try that one.

Facebook and Instagram were not getting me the amount of traffic that I wanted. Even though I was getting some I wanted more traffic and I wanted to put in little effort. However, Pinterest was getting me the most traffic! 95 % of my traffic was coming from Pinterest. Because my Pinterest was working the best for me I wanted to really build up my authority on Pinterest.

But I had NO IDEA HOW! Pinterest is a pretty complex system and their algorithm seems to be changing all the time! Pinterest is a very powerful marketing tool that often mommy bloggers are unsure how to unlock Pinterest full potential. I was in the same boat when I first started my blog.

My main goal was to drive a crazy amount of traffic to my blog, make money from that traffic and do it with little effort. Because as moms we don’t have time to be on Pinterest pinning all day long or Googling hours worth of information on “how to increase traffic to my blog.”

Have you been struggling to get more traffic from Pinterest to your blog? I struggled too and it was SUPER frustrating. After testing different strategies on Pinterest I finally figured out the solution! I went for getting a few hundred a day to my blog to a few thousands of views in 2 months! If you are wanting to increase your traffic by using Pinterest check out my Pinterest $ecrets course!

So this was my solution to my problem. I decided that I will create 5-10 pins for every post I write. And when I say create 5-10 pins they were all different looking with different headlines. Whenever I would finish a new post I worked on my Pinterest pins. This work for me for a few weeks. I noticed an increase in traffic and my Pinterest profile was starting to grow, but I got burned out really fast!

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Writing a post a high-quality post, creating 5-10 pins for the post, and balancing mom duties on top took up my whole day! That is far from what I wanted. I knew my system had to change but my system was working. After a lot of trial and error, I found the number 1 thing that helped skyrocket my blog’s success. ARE YOU READY FOR IT!?


Yup, that is it. That is exactly what helped my blog grow. Just by setting an hour aside once a week to create new pins grew my Pinterest profile from 6 hundred thousand viewers to TWO AND A HALF MILLION MONTHLY VIEWS! 

(Put a screenshot here)

I don’t create new pins for random posts. Below I have outlined exactly what I do so that you can do it too and watch your numbers grow!

Step 1:

I put all my blog posts in a Google Sheet with how many views each post has. Every time I create a new post I add it to my Google Sheet and once a week I like 5 minutes to update my number.

how to get traffic from pinterest, how to drive traffic to my blog by using pinterest, wordpress blogging for beginners

Adding all your posts to a Google Sheet makes it easier to see which posts are viral. If you are scrolling from page after page in WordPress that can make it hard to see which posts are your viral posts.

Step 2:

I color code my posts. After you get all your posts on a Google Spread Sheet you color code your pins. I have my color-coded as…

Most popular posts = purple

Second most popular posts = yellow

Third most popular posts = green

how to get traffic from pinterest, how to drive traffic to my blog by using pinterest, wordpress blogging for beginners

Yes, I have three different most popular categories. Why? Each week I will make 5 new pins from one of those most popular, 3 from my most recent posts and, 2 from my old posts.

I know it may seem like I am mad. But I promise you I’m not! I do that because then I am always making died off viral pins viral again! Let me know you what I mean.

how to get traffic from pinterest, how to drive traffic to my blog by using pinterest, wordpress blogging for beginners

Here is a screenshot of one of my most viral pins/post. As you can see I created the post in February. I created a pin for my post and it went viral, then it died. Which by the way is normal! Having viral pins die off if normal but what I am showing you is how I get viral pins viral again!

Once the pin dies off, what do I do? I create another pin and it goes viral again. Then It dies off and I do the same thing over and over again! This viral pin/post has 34 THOUSAND + page views! How would you like one of your posts to have that many views or more?

Step 3:

The last thing I do is after I have created 10 new pins I schedule them in Tailwind to only my group boards! If you don’t have tailwind I highly recommend it! Tailwind has changed my life and blog. I would not be where I am today without Tailwind.

You can try tailwind for FREE using my link for your first 100 pins! You can also check out my video overview of Tailwind below:

Group boards are where it is at. And if you are not apart of any group boards I suggest you join some NOW! Tailwind makes scheduling my 10 new pins so EASY! since you can create board lists. I select the board list I want it to go to, set the interval, and hit schedule. BOOM I am done.

Now I wait and watch my viral pins go viral again. Which brings more traffic to my blog and makes me more money. Ever since making a few tweaks to my system I have grown my blog to be getting 2,000-6,000 page views a day and my Pinterest account to 2.5 million monthly views, and my blog grows with little effort leaving me more time spent with my family.

I know it can be really frustrating to figure out how to start your mommy blog. Being there before myself I know how overwhelming it can be! I could never find the answers or the help I needed so I tested and tried a lot of different things to get where I am today!

If you want to be incredibly successful on Pinterest, know how to find and join high-quality group boards, know how to design amazing looking pins that go viral go check out my Pinterest $ecrets course!

If you have any questions let me know in the comments below! 

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